About Us

Who are we and what separates us from other booking sites?

We would like to welcome you on our site. HotelsDifferentlysm (as its name suggest) does everything in a little bit contrarily as compared to other hotel booking sites. We are not just another listing site or an aggregate booking site that works via referrals. HotelsDifferentlysm is a website that provides you with one of the lowest rates in the market through our contracted wholesale suppliers that provide prices that are not available to the general public. Our special prices are only available to our registered Members and currently we are offering registration for FREE for a limited time!

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Our mission:

We are dedicated to provide more for less. In today’s world everybody is looking for amazing deals and we strive to assist our valued Members with this specifically. We work hard to help everybody find the deals they are looking for and to save money on hotels so that you can spend money on other things. We cannot guarantee that you will always find what you are looking for but our agents will do their very best to help you get a better quality stay for the same amount compared to other sites or the exact same hotel room for a lower price.

Customer service and discounted QUALITY stays are the two things we mainly focus on!


Company info:

HotelsDifferentlysm is owned by HotelsDifferently, LLC registered in Nevada, USA.

titan We are also accredited by IATANTM. IATANTM (International Airlines Travel Agent Network) is a department of IATATM and has been servicing all aspects of the US Travel and Tourism industry for more than 20 years.IATANTM offers global recognition and global reach, which no other accreditation program can.

travelcity We are also proud to announce that we are an Authorized Affiliate to Travelocity.com.

Our mailing address:

HotelsDifferently, LLC.

3651 Lindell Road, D141

Las Vegas, Nevada, 89103

United States of America